Macro Rock Photography

"Abstract Rock"

"Murder Of Crows" Abstract Macro Rock Photography by Artist Jess Alice. Unique and one-of-a-kind artwork forged and designed by Mother Nature

"Murder of Crows"


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Mars is a macro rock photograph by Artist Jess Alice, Reds, yellows, browns mix together to form this amazing pattern found within a rock


Nature Walk is a macro rock photograph by Artist Jess Alice. Blues, Yellows and brown dance together in this interesting abstract image

"Nature Walk"

Captivating Micro Rock Abstract: A mesmerizing close-up photograph, showcasing an abstract and intricate section of a rock, meticulously captured by the artist Jess Alice. This unique artwork offers a glimpse into the fascinating details of the natural world, transformed into a captivating visual masterpiece. Perfect for art enthusiasts seeking a blend of natural beauty and abstraction. Purchase now to own a piece of this mesmerizing micro rock art 


This stunning print is a natural design from a rock found in nature. Created by Artist Jess Alice titled "Jasper Eye" This beautiful piece full of natural colors makes for an amazing conversation piece.   Ideal artwork for residential, commercial, office, public lounges, cafes, and lobbies. Add interest and conversation starters to your real estate staging, set design, and interior design. Doctor's office, waiting room wall art. Perfect ready-to-hang wall art for guest rooms, beach houses, guest houses, Airbnb, vacation rentals, hotels, motels, and guest suites.

"Jasper Eye"

stunning print is a naturally design image from a rock found in nature. Created by Artist Jess Alice Titled "Electric Sky" This beautiful piece full or natural blues and gold makes for an amazing conversation piece. Neutral tones enhances any space.

"Electric Sky"

Rolling Hill is a one of a kind abstract macro rock photograph from a small fragment of a rock blown up to showcase the natural wonders of mother nature and it's beautiful design. great versitile artwork for home business commercial and residential accents

"Rolling Hill"

Abstract macro rock photography by Artist Jess Alice. one-of-a-kind small section of metaphoric rock found in California, slabbed, imaged and blown up to see the natural beauty in nature. Great artwork for home, business, corperate, commercial accent pieces that harmonize the environment and add a pop of unique accent to your wall.


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This stunning print, is a naturally design from a rock found in nature. Created by Artist Jess Alice Titled "Ocean Sky" This beautiful piece full of natural blues, and a pop of orange makes for an amazing conversation piece. Neutral colors allow this piece to adapt to any space artwork, framed wall print

"Pirate Ship"

"Red River"


"River Glass"




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Photography by Artist Jess Alice "Elements in Time" showcasing mother natures beauty in landscape photogrpahy collection

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Captivating 'Brick Door' print with eerie desert vibes. Ideal for various spaces – residential, cafes, lobbies, and more. A unique, conversation-starting piece that adds intrigue and complements diverse aesthetics. Natural brick hues juxtaposed against cold stone and a striking black door in the desert landscape

Collection: "Memories of Past"

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