Overcoming To Create "Abstract Rock" Art

The Abstract Rock print framed above the bed is an image from the hardest Rock I've had to cut through. It took days, I had to replace a diamond blade to get through it, and it would keep jamming no matter what I tried. I remember when the first slab fell, and I saw this beautiful pattern inside, it quickly became one of my favorites. This was the only slab I got from that rock, I will cherish, and always respect this piece because of it. 
 Are You Interested in Macro Rock Photography?
Don't know where to start? What do you need?
My blog "Turning Rocks into Fine Art" contains links to all the materials, resources, and checklists to get you started. An easy, and convenient one-stop shop, taking the guesswork out, so you can start exploring the wonders that lie beneath your feet today.

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Jess Alice

Author, Artist, Chainsaw Carver, Entrepreneur, and Mountain Mama with 20+ years of experience, Jess Alice's life mission is making the world a better place one creation, and connection at a time. 

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