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Poem by Jess Alice

 I create for you.
For humanity,
For the world, after my flesh.
I create to connect
To seduce your thoughts
I create to conduct
To unleash your hidden desires
I create to harmonize
To expand your vibration
I create to inspire
To ignite your soul.

I'm Jess!
Artist, Chainsaw Carver,
Entrepreneur & Mountain Mama
Northern California, USA.
I grew up in a small cabin on an acre of gardens. I was raised by a surfer father and a hippie mother. My childhood was spent camping, fishing, kayaking, and enjoying bike rides down dirt roads. I've always found inspiration, peace, and happiness within nature.
Why I'm an Artist:
I love to design, paint, sculpt, photograph, and record my life experiences thru various mediums and projects. Creating is something I do to bring peace, and balance into my life. My creations are made to inspire, connect and uplift the people who resonate. My biggest passion is matching my artwork to their humans. 
My Artistic style:
I like to keep my subject matter simple, neutral, and nature themed. Every piece and relationship is unique and independent from another. It's important to me that my artwork is versatile and adaptive, able to enhance any space and spirit.
wall hanging one-of-a-kind chainsaw carved Tree. Wood carving, wall sculpture made from california cedar. handmade by artist Jess Alice, this beautiful nature inspired art piece is the perfect accent piece to any space

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