Photography 2023

"Memories of Past"

Discover the beauty of the world through my 2023 photography series. I’ll unveil a new piece from my collection of past adventures each month. Don’t miss out on this visual journey!

December 2023

Birdy is a photograph by Artist Jess Alice from Virginia City Nevada of a small bird hidden away in the railroad ties


November 2023

Aspen Winter Photo by Artist Jess Alice, Winter aspens in forest

"Aspen Winter"

October 2023

A mesmerizing view of Fall River Canyon, adorned in the delicate, fresh green of spring. The lush foliage and blossoming wildflowers decorate the rugged canyon walls, creating a vibrant and inviting landscape. This captivating scene in Fall River Canyon, captured in the full bloom of spring, showcases the rejuvenation of nature's beauty. A must-have for nature enthusiasts, this photograph brings the serene charm of Springtime in the canyon into your home. Purchase now to enjoy the picturesque allure of Fall River Canyon in its spring glory

"Canyon River"

September 2023

Landscape Photography by Artist Jess Alice. his enchanting alpine meadow, nestled in the heart of the Sierra Nevada, beckons with its serene beauty, inviting you to explore nature's wonders. Ideal for nature lovers, this photograph captures the magic of the Sierra Nevada's high meadows. Purchase now to bring the tranquility and majesty of the High Sierra into your home

"Sierra Meadow"

August 2023

 This stunning print of a door surrounded by crumbling brick and grey stone, gives an eerie feeling from the desert of Nevada. Created by Artist Jess Alice titled "Brick Door" This unique piece gives a sense of mystery and wonder about how this door is all that remains. One-of-a-kind wall artwork with neutral colors enhancing any space and  complimenting many aesthetics. Natural reds of brick contrast against cold stone and a dark black door among the sand.   Artwork for residential,  public lounges, cafes, and lobbies. Add interest and conversation starters to your real estate staging, set design, and interior design. Doctor's office, waiting room wall art. Perfect ready-to-hang wall art for guest rooms, beach houses, guest houses, Airbnb, vacation rentals, hotels, motels, and guest suites.

"Brick Door"


July 2023

rustic wood barn door photograph wall hanging artwork by artist Jess Alice.

"Barn Door"

 June 2023

Tree Ring. close up photograph by artist Jess Alice. Macro image of a tree showcasing the natural beauty within the ages

"Tree Ring"

May 2023

Junk Yard Photograph by Artist Jess Alice depicts the devastation from Dixie Fire in California and the remains of burned, metal, cars in a junk yard left from the wildfire

"Junk Yard"


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