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Natural Materials for Home, Crafts, & Decor

Sachets of California raw Cedar for your home, garden, office or project

 Paint your own - Garden Gnomes and Mushrooms

Paint your own Garden Gnome and Mushroom. Kid craft ideas, family projects and activities. Great for Adult men and woman paint nights. raw california cedar chainsaw carved artwork to make your own

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You can paint raw chainsaw-carved and sanded Garden Gnomes and Mushrooms over and over. Perfect for your ladies and gentlemen's paint night, kid projects, or fun rainy day activity for the family. Add your personal touch and make a truly unique piece of art.

Wood Wedge Slices

 raw wood slices for projects. great painting idea for kids and adults. Paint Parties, family activity night. paint your own parties. these california cedar wood slices are small and easy to display making them perfect for your next craft project

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Chainsaw Carving scrap wood slices are perfect mini canvases for your imagination. They fit perfectly on shelves and small spaces, make for unique gifts, and provide a fun project for your friends and family. These raw California Cedar wood slices have been sanded and are ready to paint! What will you create?

Firewood -  Cedar Kindling

California raw Cedar Kindling. scraps from chainsaw carving. artist Jess Alice offers scraps for your own projects or to enjoy the aroma of organic cedar in your fireplace, campfire, bonfire or used for your own projects

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California Cedar, Chainsaw Carved scraps are perfect for those chilly nights or camping trips. Fire Kindling or project wood, enjoy the aroma of natural cedar while creating and staying warm.

 Cedar Bark

California Raw cedar bark is great for your craft projects, animals, home and garden. Used for Aquariums, Pet habitats, garden areas or smudge sticks for your home, whatever your need, this untreated bark is ready

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Cedar bark can be used for your aquariums, pet habitats, displays, and craft projects, as well as to smudge your space, accent your garden, and for home decorations. A natural byproduct of Chainsaw Carving, this untreated California Cedar bark is ready for whatever you may need and want.

California Pinecones

Pinecones, California assortment of different pinecones for your home and garden. Used for seasonal decorations, craft projects, handpicked already processed for your imagination to create

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Pinecones are versatile and beautiful natural sculptures perfect for your seasonal decorations, home, craft projects, and spiritual practices. These California pinecones are handpicked and come in a variety of different sizes.

Cedar Sawdust

California Cedar Sawdust for your landscaping, pests, animals enclosures pen, shop, garage spills, home cedar sachets for closet, clothes, aroma for business, bathroom or office.

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 With chainsaw carving comes a lot of sawdust that can be used in landscaping to detract certain pests and insects. You can use sawdust to spread around animal enclosures, for your cat litter boxes, and even clean up spills in the shop or garage. Small amounts can be used in sachets for closets or just enjoy the aroma of fresh California Cedar in your home or business.

Cedar Logs

group of raw all natural California Cedar small logs for your home decor or project. Live material for seasonal decorations, campfire display, near fireplace, bonfire, camping, enjoy the natural aroma of cedar and the rustic organic tree rounds

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Grouping of 3 California raw Cedar logs for home decor. Great for seasonal decorations, accents, and or your fireplace.

 one-of-a-kind handmade chainsaw carving by artist Jess Alice two mushrooms and a garden gnome to decorate your home, business, office. handpainted gnome, fire burned mushrooms, wood sculpture, art, fine art, 3d artwork

2 Mushrooms and a Gnome by Jess Alice

Artist Jess Alice logo brand signature. Chainsaw Carver, Acrylic Painter, crafter, entrepreneur and mountain mama
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