Small Chainsaw Carved Mushroom | 13"  Thin 3D Chainsaw Carving | Raw California Cedar Original One-Of-A-Kind Artwork | Artist & Carver Jess Alice

Small Chainsaw Carved Mushroom | 13" Thin 3D Chainsaw Carving | Raw California Cedar Original One-Of-A-Kind Artwork | Artist & Carver Jess Alice

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Discover the enchanting world of Chainsaw Carving, where the artistry of nature meets human creativity. Join Artist Jess Alice on a journey to explore the captivating allure of our 13" Small Mushroom Chainsaw Carved Wood Sculpture, meticulously crafted from reclaimed California Cedar. This exceptional masterpiece not only embodies timeless beauty but also promises to infuse your surroundings with an immediate sense of wonder.

🍄 Unique Wooden Artistry: Immerse yourself in the enchantment of this 13" mushroom sculpture, perfect for adorning your garden, entranceway, or home decor. These sculptures are not just art; they are a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, with each piece crafted from Cedar wood sourced right here in California, USA.

🏡 Rustic Elegance: Elevate your space with this perfect rustic accent. These organic sculptures seamlessly blend with any decor style, making them ideal gifts for birthdays, weddings, or housewarming occasions. Moreover, they fill your surroundings with the soothing Cedar aroma, creating an inviting ambiance.

🌲 Caring for Your Masterpiece: Cedar/Redwood has been specially selected for its natural resistance to pests and mildew, ensuring the sculptures' durability. For sculptures exposed to the elements, we recommend applying a seasonal protective layer to ensure longevity. The choice of finish depends on your desired look and local climate. If your sculpture graces an indoor setting, there's no need for this extra step. The sealant used by our carver is conveniently listed on the website for easy access.

🪚 Craftsmanship Beyond Compare: Our sculptures embody unparalleled craftsmanship, featuring rough chainsaw cut sculpting, precise grinder techniques for a polished finish, and a touch of torching (Shou Sugi Ban) to accentuate unique details. Some pieces may even come pre-sealed with Man-O-War Spar Varnish, sprayed sealer, or remain raw/unsealed for your preference. Hand-painted options with spray sealant are also available.

🌿 Embrace Cedar's Benefits: Beyond their aesthetic allure, Cedar represents greatness, nobility, strength, and incorruptibility. Cedar has a storied history, revered for its healing properties, capacity to restore balance, and protection against negative energies. Cedar's natural oils act as a deterrent to common pests like termites, ants, moths, mosquitoes, and cockroaches. It also offers anti-inflammatory benefits, improves respiratory well-being, and purifies the air.

Elevate your surroundings with our 13" Small Mushroom Chainsaw Carved Wood Sculpture and explore our diverse collection of chainsaw carvings. Each piece is meticulously designed to bring the enchantment of California's natural beauty into your life.

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