Copy of 14" Tree Sculpture |  Chainsaw Carving from California Cedar Wood| Artist & Carver Jes5 Alice

Copy of 14" Tree Sculpture | Chainsaw Carving from California Cedar Wood| Artist & Carver Jes5 Alice

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Experience the enchanting allure of our 14" free-standing 3D chainsaw-carved Tree sculpture, meticulously crafted by the skilled artist Jess Alice in the heart of California, USA. This exceptional masterpiece breathes life into reclaimed Cedar wood, creating a timeless work of art destined to grace your space for years to come.

🌳 Elevate Your Space: Perfectly accent your surroundings with this unique sculpture. Whether it adorns your driveway, garden, entryway, home, or business, it infuses creativity and welcomes seasonal adornments. Beyond its decorative charm, it radiates warmth and makes an unforgettable gift, suitable for birthdays, weddings, and housewarming celebrations. Moreover, it carries the comforting aroma of Cedar, creating a sanctuary of serenity.

🌿 Preserve Your Carving: Deliberately chosen for its natural resistance to pests and mildew, Cedar/Redwood ensures the sculpture's enduring strength. To guarantee its longevity, apply a seasonal protective layer for sculptures exposed to the elements. Tailor your material choice to your desired finish and unique climate conditions. For indoor display, this step can be skipped. Visit our website for details on the sealant used by Artist Jess Alice. Remember, sheltering your creation from the elements guarantees a lifetime of joy.

🪚 Craftsmanship Excellence: Our technique is a labor of love, beginning with the precision of a chainsaw, evolving into refined grinder techniques, and culminating in the mesmerizing Shou Sugi Ban torching method that highlights the sculpture's unique features. Please note that some pieces may arrive pre-sealed with Man-O-War Spar Varnish, sprayed sealer, remain raw/unsealed, or dazzle with hand-painted spray seals.

🌟 Embrace Cedar Magic: Cedar isn't just wood; it embodies greatness, nobility, strength, and purity. Throughout history, Cedar has been revered for its healing properties, ability to restore balance, and protection against disease and negativity. Cedar's wonders extend to anti-inflammatory benefits, respiratory wellness, and air purification. Embrace the natural oil's guardian role, warding off pests like termites, ants, moths, mosquitoes, and cockroaches.

Uncover the artistry that brings nature to life. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of chainsaw carvings today and bring home a creation that not only enhances your space but also kindles a sense of wonder and tranquility in your heart.

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