Large 19 inch "Wipe Your Paws" Chainsaw Carved Sign |  Accessory Sassy Sign For Chainsaw Carvings

Large 19 inch "Wipe Your Paws" Chainsaw Carved Sign | Accessory Sassy Sign For Chainsaw Carvings

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Welcome to our sassy Chainsaw Carved Sign Collection! Give your outdoor space a personalized and funny vibe with our Large "Wipe Your Paws" sign. Crafted from top-notch California Cedar and painted in a sleek Rustoleum exterior gloss black finish by Artist Jess Alice.

Large Chainsaw Carved Sign (17-21") For those who crave a bold and impactful presence, our Large Chainsaw Carved Sign is the ultimate choice. Handcrafted from sturdy California Cedar, this sign is not only a work of art but also a durable outdoor decor piece that stands the test of time. Perfect for those larger chainsaw carvings 3ft and bigger.

Personalize your Chainsaw Carvings Elevate the allure of your chainsaw carved critter (Sold Separately) by complementing it with a diverse array of additional signs. Unleash your creativity and personalize the carving's character to make it distinctly yours. With interchangeable signs, you have the freedom to effortlessly transform your decor to suit the season, reflect your mood, or enhance the experience of your environment. Embrace the versatility of our Chainsaw Carved Critter Collection, where each sign adds a unique touch to your outdoor space, creating a dynamic and ever-evolving expression of your personal style

Experience the distinctive touch of personalized expression by incorporating Sign chainsaw carved critters into your decor. These unique additions allow your personality to shine through, enhancing the overall customization of your space. Embrace the artistry of handmade decor and effortlessly transform your surroundings with our exclusive Chainsaw Carved Sign Collection—a testament to individuality and timeless expression.

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