Chainsaw Carved Christmas Tree -Painted  | Raw California Cedar Wood Sculptures | Original One-Of-A-Kind Artwork | Artist & Carver Jess Alice

Chainsaw Carved Christmas Tree -Painted | Raw California Cedar Wood Sculptures | Original One-Of-A-Kind Artwork | Artist & Carver Jess Alice

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Discover the enchantment of a unique, free-standing 3D Christmas Tree adorned with a radiant star and adorned with wire-wrapped battery lights. This 16" chainsaw carving is the creation of artist Jess Alice. It's an ideal addition to your festive holiday decor, both indoors and outdoors. Enhance the magic by pairing it with our mini Santa (available separately) to craft delightful holiday scenes that will elevate any space.

🎄 Festive Magic: Step into the world of holiday enchantment with this one-of-a-kind Christmas Tree, designed by artist Jess Alice. The addition of twinkling battery lights and a dazzling star brings a warm glow to your seasonal décor. Crafted from repurposed Cedar sourced from California, USA, this unique piece captures the spirit of the holidays.

🏡 Create Your Holiday Oasis: Transform your driveway, garden, entryway, home, or business into a festive wonderland with these charming decorative pieces. They inspire creativity, making it enjoyable to craft seasonal scenes and incorporate holiday decorations. These exquisite, natural home décor sculptures also infuse your surroundings with the soothing aroma of organic Cedar.

🌲 Caring for Your Carving: Cedar/Redwood, known for its pest and mildew-resistant properties, ensures your sculpture's longevity. For sculptures exposed to the elements, applying a seasonal protective layer is recommended to ensure it stands the test of time. Similar to maintaining a wooden deck or other outdoor features, your choice of finish should align with your desired aesthetic and local climate. If you plan to showcase your carving indoors, you can skip this step. The sealant used by Jess Alice is conveniently listed on our website for easy reference. Safeguard your carving by placing it in a shaded area and protecting it from the elements to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment.

🪚 Craftsmanship Beyond Compare: Our sculptures bear witness to meticulous craftsmanship, featuring rough chainsaw cut sculpting, precision grinder techniques for a polished look, and an exquisite touch of torching (Shou Sugi Ban) to accentuate unique features. Some pieces may even come pre-sealed or hand-painted for added character.

🎁 The Magic of Cedar: Beyond its natural beauty, Cedar symbolizes greatness, nobility, strength, and purity. Throughout history, Cedar has been revered for its healing properties, its ability to restore balance, and its protective qualities against disease and negative energy. Cedar's anti-inflammatory effects, respiratory enhancements, and air-purifying attributes make it a truly magical wood. Its natural oils even help repel common pests like termites, ants, moths, mosquitoes, and cockroaches.

Embrace the holiday spirit with our enchanting Christmas Tree and explore our collection of chainsaw carvings to infuse your space with the magic of the season.

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