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A studio easel is a staple for your art studio, a sturdy, well-designed easel will assist in your creative expression by securing your canvases.

 Professional Artist Easel for Art Studio. Must have art furniture to complete any workspace

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Travel Easel

To paint and create on the go, a travel easel will give you the freedom to set up on the spot and start manifesting. Lightweight, compact and convenient, a great artist tool to have in your car ready for when inspiration strikes.


Travel Easel. Great on the go easel to make sure you're always ready to paint. set up and get your brushes out anytime and anyplace

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Drafting Table

 Artists, professionals, and hobbyists find draft tables to be very useful in sketching, fashion design, reading, writing, blueprints, painting, sewing, drawing maps, storyboarding, and crafting. Draft tables are a beautiful furniture addition to any space.


artist draft table for design, arts, crafts and more

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An adjustable-height stool naturally belongs in an art studio and allows you to adapt to a variety of projects and crafting needs.

adjustable 360 degree metal and wood stool. perfect studio chair. office accent and versatile crafting seat

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A closed-drawer organization cabinet is a sleek way to keep things out of sight but still in their place. Perfect for crafts, tools, materials, and project pieces makes for a handy storage solution for any space.

art studio rolling storage draw cart

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Essential tool for your studio, home, and office. Every environment requires a unique illumination to achieve the desired affect and outcome.

Easel Lighting

Lighting for Painting on Easel. Easel light attachment with remote. Artist light source for studio

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Desktop lighting

desk lamp

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Studio Lighting

Home Light Studio Set up for Product Photography, Art Reproduction Photos, Studio images,

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Office Desk

The foundation of your workspace, and your office table will house your key business devices while providing a work area to optimize your productivity and creativity. Having a table that is durable, and accommodating will provide the base for your success.

Office desk

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Office Chair

A comfortable and adaptive office chair not only supports your body but allows for changing your positions and posture to help with movement and circulation. This 2-piece office chair system enables you to adapt to your project needs in home and office.

Pipersong Meditation Chair, Home Office Desk Chair, Cross Legged Chair with Lumbar Support and Adjustable Stool, Flexible Design for Fidgety Sitters, Black

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Filing Cabinet

Every home office must have a filing system for client information, legal documents, home + business files, and general paperwork. A rolling and locking filing cart helps secure your files while providing an essential organization system for efficient document management.

 Desk Filing cabinet for organizing your business paperwork and files

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Shelving Units

Organize and store your inventory, products, tools, and supplies. These durable and strong shelving units are perfect for your garage, shop, studio, and home.

Storage shelving units for home office, art studio, garage and business.

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Garden Cart

Perfect for hauling materials, projects, supplies, and art equipment to create out in nature. These carts are useful inside and outside of the garden. When not in use, they make awesome displays and merchandising props.

garden cart to use travel with supplies

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Software programs and social platforms that assist in building a succesful online, e-commerce drop shipping store


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