"Reclaimed Flowers" A rustic, reclaimed wood, and rock collection from Artist Jess Alice

A Collection of reclaimed fence boards, and hand-painted river rocks titled:

"Reclaimed Flowers" 

This project began with dismantling an old fence on my pop's property. Half the fence was fallen over, and I had recently moved into a new place where I wanted a reclaimed accent wall to help enclose a side of my deck. So, I took apart the fence, board by board, and used every viable piece. After I built my reclaimed accent wall on my deck, I took the remaining pieces and made this collection. I cut the reclaimed fence board scraps down and attached them. I painted backdrops, and collected rocks along the rivers, I then painted for the flower peddles and leaves. I collected tree limbs along the roads for limbs and stems and attached everything using extra-strength adhesives. On some of the pieces, I added small hanging hooks along the bottom, so these unique, one-of-a-kind original art pieces were not only decorative, but useful to hang keys, hats and jewelry. 
Author and Artist
Author and Artist Jess Alice. Entrepeneur, writer, creator, chainsaw carver, acrylic painter, crafter
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