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Starting From Scratch:

Essential Acrylic Painting Materials

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Discover the ultimate guide to building your perfect acrylic painting supply list. This comprehensive list includes 30 informative titles that cover everything from essential supplies to specialized tools, making it easy for both beginners and pros to find the necessary items. Whether you're looking for paintbrushes, canvases or mediums, this blog has got you covered. Each title offers distinct insights into the materials, and together they create an exhaustive guide that can help level up your acrylic painting game. Don't miss out on the opportunity to create stunning acrylic paintings. Check out our supply guide now!

Where to Start?

Whether you're new to acrylic painting or a seasoned professional, having the right supplies and tools is essential for success. Acrylic paints are a popular choice for artists due to their versatility, vibrancy, and quick-drying properties. However, with so many different products available, building the perfect supply list can be overwhelming.


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Let's make a supply list!

To help you stock your studio with the right materials, we've compiled a comprehensive list of supply list for acrylic paintings. Our list includes everything from the essential supplies that every artist needs, such as paintbrushes and canvases, to more specialized tools like pouring mediums and flow enhancers. 

Whether you're a beginner trying to figure out where to start, or an experienced artist looking to expand your materials, our comprehensive list will guide you through everything you need to create stunning acrylic paintings. So, let's dive in and build your perfect acrylic painting supply kit!


ssorted acrylic paint brushes and art supplies

What do you need?

Not knowing where to begin your art journey, can be overwhelming. I'm here to help you break down and explain the basic material list for acrylic painting and share the supplies I use in my own art.
Artist. man painting on the floor with art supplies, brushes, canvas, paper, brushes and accessries spread aroud the floor as he creates artwork

Art Boards

I recommend starting with artboards. Artboards are a solid surface, that allows an inexpensive way to practice, experience, and start your journey. They are easy to frame, convenient to store, cost-effective, and will provide a durable work surface for texture and experimentation.

Experiment with different surfaces

Decide on the surface you want to create on. Art is self-expression, allow your imagination to be free and be open to creating.  You can make art from rocks, old bedposts, fence boards, cardboard, wood rounds, canvas, linen, panels, window glass, and anything you can come up with.
little girl finger painting with bright colors on a piece of paper thats taped to the wall. her hands are covered in paint. pigtails and happily making art


Heavy Duty - Gallery-wrapped stretched canvas is my favorite surface to paint on. I prefer a pre-primed canvas and a thick frame for durability. 

Artist Loft Gallery wrapped heavy duty stretched canvas for painting. Level 3 professional grade painting surface

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Primer for your paintings. Gesso allows you to prep and redo painting surfaces as desired. Always good to have in your studio, and a must if you plan to stretch your own canvas, to give your painting a smooth base to build upon.

Liquitex Gesso for priming your painting surface

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Beginner Acrylic Paint

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and price point of this acrylic paint set. I feel this is a good beginner paint set to try, before investing in more expensive options. Mixing colors can be confusing, I recommend choosing a well-rounded color pallet to have on hand. As you progress, you can invest in fewer heaver-bodied paints, and mix the rainbow!

 Beginner Acrylic Paint set. 12 different acrylic colors to create your masterpiece. rich pigments, easy to use paint to start creating

Heavy Body Professional Acrylic Paint

I fell in love with Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylics at a young age, and when you find the paint that matches the outcome of your desire, it's hard to sway. There are a lot of beautiful pigments and quality paint options, it's a part of your journey as an artist to experiment and find the materials that express you the best.

Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Paint. 12 bundle of acrylic paint for painting.

Small- Medium Paint Brush Set

Brushes are as individual as people, how they feel in your hand, and how they apply paint are unique. Learning different hand techniques with each one and the changing visual effect takes time to learn. It's a part of the beautiful process of self-discovery as a person and artist. Not only can you apply with brushes, but look around you at the variety of shapes, sizes, textures, or everyday items you could try to paint with. Scrub brushes, fake plant leaves, toys, and cooking utensils, can all have a fun effect. The endless possibilities of what you can use to create will be a lifelong exploration. 

 ARTIFY 24 Pieces Paint Brush Set, Expert Series, Enhanced Synthetic Brush Set with Cloth Roll and Palette Knife for Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor and Gouache (Black)

Large Paint Brush Set

Liquitex Professional Large-Scale Mural and extra-large painting acrylic brush set

Pallet Knives

For a heavily textured effect, pallet knives are a great tool for any artist. They are great for building layers, loose color application techniques, and having a whimsical, beautiful effect.

Pallet Knives for painting


Organic sea sponges are amazing at landscape foliage, tree leaves, and applying a texture only they are capable of producing. 

Sea Sponges for crafts. For Acrylic Painting, Ceramics

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Paint Trays

Paint trays, paper plates, cardboard boxes, and anything that holds paint will do. In my history of painting, I've gotten very creative with my mixing options. A handheld mixing tray though, I will say, is very useful and definitely nice to have.

Transparent Painting Tray. Perfect for kids and artist alike, secure tray to mix your paint

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Water Container and Brush Cleaning Station

Another item that can be substituted for a jar, bowl, or any item that can hold water. A water bowl is another key ingredient in acrylic painting. Keep paints fluid, clean your brushes, and have water on hand for painting effects and touch-ups. Make sure you have a washing station, and an area to dry your brushes correctly to prevent damage.

Water container and brush holder for your painting needs. Easy and convenient way to keep your paint brushes nice and clean

 Spray Bottle (keep paint from drying)

Having an efficient, dependable spray bottle in your art arsenal is a detail I wouldn't want to miss. Great for keeping your paints and painting from drying too fast or keeping your cats and kids at bay. You got creating to do! 

Spray bottle to help keep paint from drying while painting with acrylics

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 Cloths For Clean Ups

Have on hand for drying your brushes between colors, and clean-ups. Can use to create artistic smudges, or even to use textured effects. Clean-up rags are always useful to have in your home, studio, and office.

Cleaning cloth for crafts, paint, water spills and household needs

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 Drop Cloth For Protection

If you like your floors, you need a drop cloth. you probably need many. I cannot tell you how many times these wonderful creations saved my house, in one of my impulsive art projects. They saved my cream carpet from a gallon of black paint. yes. that's right. need I say more? You need these, and you're welcome for not letting you forget.

drop cloth to protect against your crafts

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A studio easel is a staple for your art studio, a sturdy, well-designed easel will assist in your creative expression by securing your canvases.

 Professional Artist Easel for Art Studio. Must have art furniture to complete any workspace

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Travel Easel

To paint and create on the go, a travel easel will give you the freedom to set up on the spot and start manifesting. Lightweight, compact, and convenient, a great artist tool to have in your car ready for when inspiration strikes. 

Travel Easel. Great on the go easel to make sure you're always ready to paint. set up and get your brushes out anytime and anyplace

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Drafting Table

 Artists, professionals, and hobbyists find draft tables to be very useful in sketching, fashion design, reading, writing, blueprints, painting, sewing, drawing maps, storyboarding, and crafting. Draft tables are a beautiful furniture addition to any space.

artist draft table for design, arts, crafts and more

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An adjustable-height stool naturally belongs in an art studio and allows you to adapt to a variety of projects and crafting needs.

adjustable 360 degree metal and wood stool. perfect studio chair. office accent and versatile crafting seat

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A closed-drawer organization cabinet is a sleek way to keep things out of sight but still in their place. Perfect for crafts, tools, materials, and project pieces makes for a handy storage solution for any space.

art studio rolling storage draw cart

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Essential tool for your studio, home, and office. Every environment requires a unique illumination to achieve the desired effect and outcome.

Easel Lighting

Lighting for Painting on Easel. Easel light attachment with remote. Artist light source for studio

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Different Mediums

Molding Paste

If you're like me and love heavily textured paintings and wondered if the artist really used that much paint? Molding paste is the way to achieve that thick texture without wasting your paint.

Liquitex Molding paste for heavy thick texture in your acrylic painting.

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Paint on Varnish and Sealers

Some people prefer to apply their varnish by hand, while others use spray. There are a lot of different finishes to choose from, before sealing any art piece, I'd recommend getting your hands on a few different types and experimenting with scrap art pieces. Sometimes you want a matt finish and not a gloss. Each piece may vary, and it's good to have them in your artist supply stock.

Gloss Professional apply varnish to finish your acrylic painting. leaving a quality seal and finish to your artwork

Spray Sealer

Allow for your painting and artwork to dry completely, always follow the instructions for the specific product you're using. Apply evenly and in layers. Please adhere to all safety precautions and safety protocols.

Gloss Sealer for Acrylic paintings

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 Color Wheel To help Mix Colors

An artist's basic tool. Great on hand to have when learning to mix colors, learning about warm and cool tones, and diving deeper into the world of art.

Color Wheels to help you mix colors for arts and crafts

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Don't Be Discouraged!

If you cannot obtain certain supplies, or have a limited financial budget, a good source for materials is thrift stores and yard sales in your local area. It's a fun, and a great way to gather supplies you can use to experiment with. Also, Art stores like Michaels's run specials and offer coupons. Look on the side of the road, neighborhood-free piles, and keep your eye out for craigslist free recyclable goods. If all else fails, I use my hands as brushes (be careful with certain surface textures), find scrap wood, and ask friends for old paint they aren't using anymore. Never let your current circumstances hinder your passion for expression, it's within your creative way to create, that also contributes to your art's journey.

Create with your hands, fingerpainting, crafting can be done with any material. use your imagination and start creating

If you're ever frustrated, remember failure and repetition are how we learn. Don't give up, and as long as you keep at it, you will achieve what you work for.

Happy Creating!

People in an art class painting and creating artwork. a woman helping a studen with their artwork


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