Rock Art

How I created my collection

"Night Owl"

The Making of Rock Art

I grew up painting on rocks; along lake shores, while my dad fished, to mark veggies in the garden, and for gifts. I remember using other rocks, sticks, charcoal, and even mud, to create scenes and abstract designs. Today, I use Acrylic Paints and Paint Pens. A much easier medium than mud. 

With the help of my pop Tom Barnes, the "Night Owl" Collection started by heading over to his property and cutting 8"-16" tree rounds from a fallen Oak by his creek. I made rough cuts, kept the bark, moss, and dirk in tack, and headed home. I know not everyone has access to Sawing their own timber. Amazon has precut rounds ready for crafting.

When you cut your own wood round cookies, you have to clean them of bugs, mold, and dirt. I clean my wood round cookies by filling a garbage bin just enough to cover the number of wood cookie rounds I have to process.


I fill it halfway with white distilled vinegar and water mix to soak for at least 24hrs. This kills anything inside and out.  Then, I let them dry for a few days/week depending on the wood and conditions. Wood dries outside in, any cracks will happen when the outside is shrinking around the wet center. If you can dry from the center out, this will reduce splitting. 


Once dried, I choose the wooden cookies that I want to use. I painted a full moon night sky as the background and let it dry. I collect rocks and sticks around the yard to use for the owls, leaves, and limbs. I spend the time painting each piece. It's so much fun to see how each one turns out, every owl has their own personality, and character that emerges with each paintbrush stroke.

After all the individual pieces are painted, the limbs are cut to size. Before I glue everything down, I lay it all down on the Painted Wood Cookie and get the layout just right. When I know where all the pieces are going to go, I use Gorilla Glue to secure everything in place. I use clamps for any limbs or rocks that need additional support and I let them dry overnight. 


Once everything is nicely secured, I attach any hooks and hanging hardware, then spray with a sealer to preserve the artwork for years to come.

I love taking components of nature and with some paint, and imagination creating unique, organic artwork to be enjoyed both indoors or outdoors. Giving Art a purpose by adding coat hangers for hats, scarves, kids' bedroom décor, jewelry holders, or light clothing makes it functional and fun. 

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