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The Complete Home Office - Shopping List

If you are starting a new business, making an inventory list, or starting from scratch, having to remember all the items you need to run a business and have in your home office can be overwhelming. The hours thinking and figuring out what product is best, getting lost in reviews, can leave you anxious. I've comprised a list of everything you need to orchestrate an efficient home office in one post. I'm sure there will be things you'll add along your way, but this list should help take the guesswork out and allow for a piece of mind knowing you're prepared.
Must have office supplies for your workspace. School supplies, home office necessities, work desk materials and supplies for everyday use.

Office Essentials

Cell phone

Needless to say, you're hopefully using one right now. Having a quality cell phone gives you the world at your fingertips. Cell phones are basically your office in your pocket, you can run your entire business from your phone in today's era. To run a business, you must have a business phone for communication, organization, planning, and staying in contact with the world at large. If you don't have one, or one without a decent camera and functions, this will be your most important investment.

SAMSUNG Galaxy S22 Ultra Cell Phone, Factory Unlocked Android Smartphone, 256GB, 8K Camera & Video, Brightest Display Screen, S Pen, Long Battery Life, Fast 4nm Processor, US Version, Phantom White

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Starting with the foundation of an office, a desk. Your office desk is the base to your workspace that will house your key devices, while providing a work area to optimize your productivity, and creativity. Having a table that is durable, and accommodating will provide a strong starting point for handling business.

office desk, home office, organization for your business

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Office Chair

A comfortable and flexible office chair that supports your body and allows posture movement and circulation. This meditation office chair enables you to adapt to your project needs in home and office.

Pipersong Meditation Chair, Home Office Desk Chair, Cross Legged Chair with Lumbar Support and Adjustable Stool, Flexible Design for Fidgety Sitters, Black

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Regardless of your preference for a desktop or laptop computer, most businesses require one to manage the company and aid in the efficiency of operations. A good cell phone can substitute for a computer temporarily.

2020 Newest HP Spectre x360: 11th Gen Core i7-1165G7, 13.5" OLED 3K2K Touch Display, 1TB SSD, 16GB RAM, Intel Evo Platform, 32GB Optane

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External Hard Drive

Backup and store all your digital content, external hard drives are a must have accessory for your computer and company.

2 Tb External hard drive to secure your work. business must have.

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Wi-Fi Router

Wi-Fi is how you connect to the internet and run your online business. Both for your cell phone and computer, Wi-Fi Router and Service is another key essential ingredient in being able to operate a home business.

computer router for home and office

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Monitor Lighting

Make sure your work area is well lit to optimize your productivity

desk lamp

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A desktop clock lets clients see the time, allows for fluid transitions between appointments, adds a visually convenient alarm to assist in time management.

alarm clock for home and office. tell the time, have alarms, know the temperature and keep any clients and customers aware of the time as well

Home Office All-in-One Printer

Printing documents, scanning files, and faxing papers, all in one printer are useful multi-use equipment for everyday life.

Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 Wireless Color Photo Printer with ADF, Scanner and Copier, Black

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Epson printer ink

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Closed drawer organization cabinet is a sleek way to keep things out of sight but still in their place. Perfect for materials and supplies, and a handy storage solution for any space.

art studio rolling storage draw cart

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Paper Shredder

Make sure you protect your business, identity and documents. Shredding unnecessary mail, and personal paperwork is a small step in securing your life.
Paper shredder for your office, home workspace necessity. make sure all your documents, identity and information is safe by disposing old documents successfully

Label Printer - Shipping

 Easy, convenient and efficient thermal shipping label printer cuts down on time, paper, tape and makes shipping your products seamless. 
Dymo thermal printing label maker. great for shipping labels for small business. must have in office shipping accessory

Thermal Shipping Labels for Dymo

4x6 shipping label replacements. thermal printing

Printing Paper

Quality paper that handles your printing needs
Home office HP bright white printing paper

Photo Printing Paper

Premium photo printing paper
Hp photo gloss paper

Trash Bin

trash bin, trash can for home, office, bathroom. waste pale to organize garbage

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Trash Bags

trash bags for your office trash bin

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Filing Cabinet

Every home office must have a filing system for client information, legal documents, home + business files, and general paperwork. A rolling and locking filing cart helps secure your files, while providing an essential organization system for efficient document management.

 Desk Filing cabinet for organizing your business paperwork and files

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Filing Cabinet Folders

folders for your filing cabinet. perfect for home and office to organize important paperwork, client documents and more

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Shelving Units

Organize and store your inventory, products, tools and supplies. These durable and strong shelving units are perfect for your garage, shop, studio and home.

Storage shelving units for home office, art studio, garage and business.

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Compact Storage Containers

Collapsible, fabric storage containers to organize supplies, materials, books, clothes and household goods.

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Heavy Duty Storage Containers

Durable bins to carry and keep heavier materials and products organized

storage bins

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A life essential, notebooks allow for quick notes, lists, ideas and brainstorming your next big idea. The art of writing connects you with your inner thoughts and have a tangible journal to help manifest your will.
Notebook for home workspace. lists, organize, take notes


Go to pens to have in your desk, purse, car and laying around the house
office pens. great black gel pens by sharpie for your work

Office Supply Kit

The perfect office desk starter kit. New home office? Moved away to School? Take the guess work out and save time on this easy one shop stop for your home office desk necessities. 
Home office , college, school. starter kit. everything you need in your desk for success


Sharpie Highlighters variety pack of multiple color high lighting pens for office, school, home, business, studying and reading/ writting

Pencil Sharpener

Electric Pencil Sharpener for efficient office productivity
Electric pencil sharpener for home office and self-employed business owners for your everyday sharpening needs

 Permanent Markers

Variety of permanent markers used for home, business and art. 
Sharpie permanent markers for signing, marking, labeling. Business, home and art studio must have


Great on the hand scissors to have in your desk. Perfect for your household needs, crafting projects and business tasks.
scissors for your home office, business, arts studio. Crafting, household and art scissors for your desk and projects

Packaging Tape

Heavy duty tape for packaging and shipping.
Packaging tape that's durable and heavy duty for boxes, packing products


Super Glue is a must have material to have in your shop, studio, office, and home
 Super Glue, Fast Setting Gorilla Gel Glue

Guillotine Peper Trimmer

Designed for school and office to cut high volumes of papers with ease. Built with a solid wood base for steady cutting.
Paper Cutter


 A heavy-duty stapler for your home is a must have tool for school, business and personal life.
Stapler for your home office


The must have accessory for your Stapler. Keep backup staples in your desk for optimal business management
Staples for your stapler

Desk Calendar

Great desk calendar for scheduling school, work tasks, special jobs, everyday errands, household chores and craft projects.
2023 desk calendar for scheduling jobs, work, business, school, chores, errands and everyday life

Surge Protector

Power outlet that keeps your electronics safe while allowing you the versatility of operating between multiple tools and equipment as needed.
Power outlet surge protector for your home and office. protect your electronics while using multiple devices

Tape measurer

Quick measurer for projects, on the go, easy to use and household necessity
25 ft craftsman tape measurer. household tool for everyday needs


Scales are a great business resource for weighing products and knowing how to properly charge, and prep for shipping.
Digital shipping scale for home, office, business, art, projects. Must have scale for weighing without restriction


Desktop on-the-go calculator for quick math. A great resource to have on your desk at school, in the office, or at home.
quick calculator for fast mathematical needs

Greeting Cards

Send a quick smile, a thank you, well wishes, or celebrate in someone's success. Greeting cards are a wonderful way to show appreciation to both personal and professional relationships.
Greeting cards to have on hand in your home and office. send a smile, a warm wish, celebrate and appreciate both personal and professional relationships


Mailing business, bills, letter and more. Always make sure you have envelopes in your desk ready to go.
envelopes for business, letters, bills, and shipping

Clasp Envelopes

Perfect for documents, assignments, certificates and professional correspondence, these clasp envelopes are perfect addition to your home office
10x13 clasp envelopes for documents, papers, certificates, business papers, assignments, projects, artwork. home office supply, business necessity, at homework envelope materials


 Postal Stamps are a main ingredient of your home office. Needed to ship out envelopes, cards, and products, always have enough on your desk.
first class postal stamps to ship cards, letters, documents, papers, greeting cards, products.


Safekeep what you need in an element proof safe, another level of defense and an additional insurance policy on your business

Personal Note

Importantly, one must integrate their individual comforts, pleasures, and passions into their creative space. Whatever products you choose, my hope is for your space to be filled with inspiration to make your dreams a reality.



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