15 Ways Artists Can Make Money

Side Hustles 

15 ways artist can make money on the side for additional income. Side hustles all artists should know and do to diversify income and maximize success within their business


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artists and crafters divisifying income through many side businesses. onlne courses, affiliate marketing, selling prints, doing pop-up-shops, art fair. there are many different ways to make money as an artist

Here are 15 ways that artists can make money:

Artists have a lot of options when it comes to making money. While some might think they can only make money through art sales, there are many other creative ways you can diversify your talents and create multiple streams of income.

1. Murals

Residential and commercial murals are a great way to add revenue to your art business. Unique one-of-a-kind murals on store window fronts, nurseries, bedroom accent walls, hallway displays, or any space you want to make memorable. Offer your services for free to friends and family, build a portfolio, and reach out to local businesses.
Murals are another way artist can make money. Offering custome murals in residential and commercial spaces is a great way to showcase your talents and get side business. Murals for nursaries, livingrooms, waiting rooms, office spaces. offering window displays and seasonal paintings for local businesses

2. Small Businesses | Offer Services

Offer your artistic talents and creativity to small businesses and help them design advertisements, marketing, and social media content to help their business succeed.
Canva is a great resource for professionals and small business owners. Tools needed to run social media content, design anything you need for your business. This is a must have program

Canva is a cloud-based graphic design tool used to create on-brand marketing content, sales presentations, training videos, and more by professionals, artists, and creators.  CLICK HERE to explore what Canva offers.
Graphic design working for yourself entrepreneur, business owner, online design

3. Online store

Make a quick e-commerce store and gallery to sell your artwork online.  USE THIS OFFER AND TRY SHOPIFY to create your own online e-commerce store, and offer your products and artwork online to the world.

Drafting Table

artist draft table for design, arts, crafts and more

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 that provides 800+ products you can print your artwork on. Sync with your Shopify store and you're in business, 

4. Prints

Another great way to make money is to make prints of your original artwork and sell them. You can offer limited edition artist-signed copies to increase collectability, offer ready-to-hang framed prints, and you can print your artwork on canvas, aluminum, and posters too. 
An artist photography holding prints of artwork, showcasing one of the many ways artists can make money and diversify their talents into multiple streams of income and small businesses
Easel Lighting

5. Offer in-person art Classes

Take your skills and offer in-person classes and tutorials. Creative niches like wine and paint, blacklight paint, and couples paint date offer a fun twist. Rotate different themed events and always have something fun on the calendar!
another side hustle for artists is offering art classes locally or online. What are the benefits of art class? Art enhances fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills, lateral thinking, complex analysis and critical thinking skills. And art education increases

6. Design and sell merchandise

Put your art on pillows, t-shirts, rugs, or one of the 800 products Printify offers. There are a lot of great options you can experiment with and offer customers a variety of products in affordable price ranges
Why we should use Shopify? Easy to Use eCommerce Platform  This is by far the biggest reason merchants love Shopify. Shopify is built for the average user, not skilled developers. It's simple to add products, create discounts, and process orders. Web design is user-friendly and even easy with Shopify's drag-and-drop editing tool.

7. Consultations / One-On-One Coaching

Offer to coach others in your area of expertise. Take everything you know and have learned in your field and create a program to help others grow in their business. Being a mentor and helping other people succeed is such a rewarding experience and another great side hustle.
Add consultation to your list of side hustles. teach others what you know and create courses that diversify your income
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8. Brand deals / Affiliates

If you're creative, reach out to online brands and make content for them, or you can create your own content and monetize by displaying advertisements and affiliate links, 
Affiliate marketing is a grat way to add income. Side hustle with advertising profucts and getting paid a commission. multiple streams of income will help you become successful.

9. Online ebook / Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP you can create, design and sell
Journals & planners.
Recipe Books.
Children's Books.
Coloring Books.
make your knowledge and wisdon and write an online ebook to sell and create another stream of passive income.

10. Social media content

Youtube, Tiktok, FB, IG, and Pinterest, you can make social media content about art, and your experience, showcase your art, link your website, offer tips and tricks, and build a social community online. Once you build and meet certain requirements, you can monetize your content and open another income stream.
Social media content building your business presence online can increase your sales and income. Monetizing your content and information, specialty and art related talents can be another stream of money

11. Sell your art locally in stores

A lot of local cafes, shops, and restaurants offer artists wall space, you can reach out to local businesses with a lot of foot traffic and inquire how they obtain the art for their establishment.
Artists can ask local shops and cafes about displaying their artwork for a percentage or commission. A great way to increase the eyes and potential clients and collectors. Reach out to your local communicty shops and see if you can built a great connection and frienship.

12. Art festivals 

Search local and surrounding areas for fairs, carnivals, art exhibits, or any activity that has booths to rent. This is a great way to meet new people and get exposure to your art and products. Have to give away, raffle, or even easy kid games to draw people to your booth and make it a fun experience.
Art festivals, get out and show people your work. make connections and sell your artwork at local art fairs and festivals

13. Pop-up shops

Research online for businesses that will allow you to set up a 10x10 canopy with a table and sell (soft selling) your artwork and products at their location. Some places will happily allow you to do so for free, maybe give them a piece of art, or you can offer a percentage of sales. Build relationships and make it worth their efforts. It's a great additional advertisement for their own business!
take your arts and crafts travel around to local communities and do pop-up-shops selling your products and reach new people. communicate and make connections with other stores and bring business to them by your set up and give commission


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14. Sell Online courses 

With anything you have experience in, you can offer lessons and or courses online.  Turn all your knowledge and expertise into an online course you can sell multiple times. It does require a lot of initial work, but can easily become a passive income stream once completed.

offering online courses about your knowledge and skills is a great way to deversify your income. A great side hustle, once you build a comprehensive step by step course, you're able to market online and sell infinite courses. leading go a great passive income stream

15. Patreon

Patreon is a membership platform that provides business tools for content creators to run a subscription service and sell their content. This is one of many platforms you can offer your lessons or courses for others to benefit from.

Artists today have so many different ways to make money. Diversifying your income with selling in person and online classes, selling prints, showcasing art in gallery, stores, cafes. and expanding your business in every way imaginable

Which one stands out to you?

It's important to remember that while some of these options may be more profitable, and compatible with you than others, it's always good to diversify your income and explore different avenues.

Don't be afraid to try new things to see what works best for you and your lifestyle.  Whatever it is that makes your heart happy, go after your dreams, and never, ever give up!

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“Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something.”

― Morihei Ueshiba

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Everything you need to get started on your creative journey!

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